Component 2 Improved capacities to participate in research funding opportunities

The aim of activities under the Component 2 is to strengthen capacity of the Beneficiary and Azerbaijani universities in implementation of modern RDI national policies and support research activity of university researchers. A wide range of activities targeted different aspects of support for research activity will be implemented. The strong focus is on strengthening participation in international cooperation and implementation of elements of modern concepts like Open Access and Open Innovation. The Project will enhance awareness among university managers of the mechanism and sustainable structures for university RDI strategic planning and strategy implementation. The model for stronger university-government-industry cooperation will be also proposed. The Component 2 will be implemented by the following Activities:

Activity 2.1 Development of RDI Unit capacity to support International Funding

Activity 2.2   Strategic planning and execution of the university RDI activity

Activity 2.3 Model for HEI-Industry-Government cooperation

Activity 2.4 Network of University Liaison Points

Activity 2.5 Training of University Liaison Point personnel

Activity 2.6 Development and Implementation of the Open Innovation Concept

Activity 2.7 Development and Implementation of the Open Science Concept

Activity 2.8 Open Science Workshops