The overall objective of the project is strengthening of policy and management of Research Development and Innovation (RDI) in higher education. The purpose is to increase the institutional capacities of the Ministry of Education to successfully introduce and implement a diversity of competitive research funds to support RDI in higher education. This project builds on the outcomes of the previous EU-funded initiatives and offers technical assistance (TA) to the Ministry of Education in three strategic components, which will be mutually reinforcing in achieving the overall objectives of the project:

Component 1 Developing capacity to manage RDI in higher education

In this Component a national coordination model for RDI in Azerbaijani higher education system will be proposed.  Up to three funding schemes will be designed and one of them piloted. Evidence based policy development will be supported with sound monitoring processes on financing, results/outputs and impact assessments.

Component 2 Improved capacities to participate in research funding opportunities

In this Component capacity of the RDI centres and University Liaison Points in identifying and promoting funds for RDI will be strengthen. To increase R&I activities in HEI, new incentives for the academic staff will be designed. "Open Innovation" concept, including model of cooperation between HEIs, industry and government will be developed to enable better use of existing and stimulate new investments in R&D facilities.  "Open Science" concept will be developed to promote excellence in research and ensure wider dissemination.

Component 3 Foundation for modern doctoral training programmes

To improve competencies of researchers, a new strategic framework for modern doctoral training programmes with new learning outcomes-based curricula will be designed. Additionally, training curricula for trainers in the area of RDI related skills will be developed and piloted.

Project Beneficiaries

Main beneficiary is the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Beneficiary represented by Institute of Education of Republic of Azerbaijan is responsible for the overall technical implementation of the project.

Indirect beneficiaries of the Project are: Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and research organization, new RDI University Liaison Points and Horizon 2020 National Contact Points (NCPs), staff of HEI Techno-parks, Technology Transfer Centres, Patent Centres , industry etc.

Project Timeframe

Project started in October 2018 and will end in April 2020.